Welcome to OVITEM. In order to keep our ecological footprint from becoming too large, we use a process called Print on Demand (PoD). We are proud to not only offer you high quality products, but also to take a sustainable approach.

Our PoD model allows us to use resources more efficiently and minimize waste. Instead of producing and storing large quantities of products in advance, our items are only manufactured when an order is received. This reduces overproduction and avoids unnecessary waste.

An important aspect of sustainability for us is the selection of environmentally friendly materials. We only print on sustainably produced or recycled organic materials to keep our impact on our environment as low as possible.

By shipping directly to our customers, we avoid long delivery routes and middlemen. This means less transport effort and therefore fewer CO2 emissions. We are proud to help reduce the environmental impact of the shipping process.

However, this is all just the beginning; we are continually working to improve our practices and do our part to make the fashion industry a bit more sustainable.

We are determined to make a change and we try to reflect this approach throughout our entire company.

We look forward to welcoming you to our online shop and hope to be able to make a small positive contribution to our environment together. Thank you for your support!