The Magic of OVITEM: Unveiling the Story Behind Our Logo

Many of you have repeatedly asked about the meaning behind the term OVITEM and the narrative embedded in our logo. Here, you'll find the answers.

The Meaning of OVITEM

OVITEM is more than just a name – it's our interpretation of the distinctive mountain in our home, the SCHAFBERG. The word composition derives from the Latin language, where "OVIS" means "sheep," and "MONTEM" signifies "mountain."




The Logo

In our logo, it's not only letters that merge but also the beauty of nature and the creative essence of our brand. The intertwined letters "O" and "T" proudly represent OVITEM, while in the center, the impressive silhouette of Schafberg stands tall. But that's not all – the three lines below narrate the enchanting tale of Mondsee, capturing its unique beauty.



Welcome to the fascinating world of OVITEM, where nature and creativity seamlessly come together in harmony.

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